Get Real!

I signed on to facebook and one of the first statuses I saw said this: “Copy this if you are brave…For the next 24 Hours, I cannot lie. Inbox me anything and I will reply with 100% honesty. It will stay between us.” I’ll admit I am a facebook fan and I am often inclined to click on the “Like this status to hear what I really think of you” status; however, this so called, “honesty status,” got me thinking. How honest do we really want others to be and where is the fine line between being polite and being real drawn?

I value honesty tremendously; however, do I want my friend to tell me if I have broccoli in my teeth? Yes. Do I want my sister to tell me that my shirt and pants clash? Yes. But do I really want my grandmother to tell me I’ve put on weight. Not in particular. So maybe this is where the line is drawn. When what you have to say hurts someone else, in my opinion this is where politeness kicks in.

It’s possible that I’m too polite or too unreal, but in my opinion there are instances where being completely honest becomes secondary to protecting the feelings of another. So will I be found replying to this honesty status anytime soon? No, I won’t. And that’s my honest answer.

What’s your honest opinion?


2 thoughts on “Get Real!

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. I had the same thought when I saw that pop up on my Facebook as well. It’s good to be honest, but sometimes a white lie would suffice.

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