See a Penny…

Taken at face value, a penny really doesn’t do much of anything. You can’t buy anything with one and it’s very low on the totem pole of useful things. However, no matter how cynical we claim to be, we probably all hope that when we find a penny, it has the capability of bringing us real, tangible luck. What’s the point in addressing this, anyway? Well, today, on May 23rd, we celebrate Lucky Penny Day. You probably think I’m making this up, but I can assure you I’m not.

It’s possible this holiday is just the goofy idea of some bored nerd who wanted to make up bizarre holidays, but maybe it’s a reminder of how something so small and seemingly insignificant, can represent something bigger than we perceive. This holiday is a reminder of the usefulness of a penny because I’d be hard-pressed (regardless of how “un-superstitious” anyone asserts themselves to be) to find someone who doesn’t hope, even just a little, that the penny glittering on the sidewalk next to them contains some luck that will connect them with their Prince Charming, shrink their thighs or grant them any other hidden desire.

Of course I’m slightly jealous of my parents’ and grandparents’ generations where a penny could buy them candy and could contribute significantly to the cost of a loaf of bread (no thanks to you, inflation); however, maybe we’re the lucky ones because something as small as a penny gives us the hope that despite it’s small size, it can deliver luck that will be much greater than we imagine. I wish you all endless luck on Lucky Penny Day! 🙂


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