College and the Quarter-Life: Eating Healthy on a Budget 101

1) Take advantage.

Take advantage of sales and coupons. Collect coupon booklets, search online for coupons, or research deals. If the supermarket is having a “buy one, get one half price” deal on a food item you know you use often, stock up!

2) Cook at home.

Preparing your own meals is more cost-effective and often much healthier than eating out. Invest in a cheap set of pots and pans and you’re golden! Making your own food means that you know exactly what went into it and that means that you’re probably saving on a lot of hidden calories. You’re saving money, too! The costs of eating out can really add up and cut way into your budget.

3)Don’t shop for food on an empty stomach.

Shopping on an empty stomach probably means the food looks extra good to you and, take it from experience, you’re going to want everything in sight. Cookies, pasta, ice cream- it’s all going to look like a necessity, which means more out the door and more caloric foods in stock in the kitchen.

4)Plan your meals for the week in advance.

Planning meals in advance and buying just what you’ll need to construct those meals will help you to buy only what you need, which will save you both money and calories.

5) Buy store brands.

Buying products that are store brand can save a lot of money. Stores usually sell their brand products for much less than the non-generic brands and typically the products have the same nutritional value! Give it a try and see the savings really add up!



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