College and the Quarter-Life: Optimism 101

I’ve learned from my own experiences that optimism and positivity are acquired traits that require coaching and determination. These are a few tips to finding a path to optimism that have worked for me. Should you be searching for the positivity in your circumstances, I hope you find these helpful, too!

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” Aristotle

1)            Express yourself.

Finding positivity and having an optimistic outlook begins with having a clear head. Write in a journal. Seek help if you need it. Understanding how you really feel may be an acquired skill. It requires time and patience but learning to operate with clarity and consistency can bring positivity and optimism into every facet of being.

2)            Lean on your friends.

The characteristics of the people you surround yourself with rub off on you. Spending time with optimistic people can help you to think positive thoughts and to see more clearly. In addition, your friends will always be your biggest fans and advocates. Never hesitate to turn to the people who love you for support and positivity.

3)        Exercise.

Throughout the day, tension builds in your muscles. By exercising you help to release that tension and your brain releases endorphins that make you feel happy and relaxed for hours! Engaging in meditative exercise such as yoga can be rejuvenating and can assist with clearing your head.

4)        Stop thinking and speaking in “absolutes.”

Nothing is definite and assuming that what we think and know to be true is the only option, can create disappointment if circumstances change. Begin eliminating words such as “never” and “always” and instead open up to the idea that change is positive and healthy.

5)        Maximize your successes and minimize your failures.

Failure happens, but so does success. Put into perspective the reality of your circumstances and use them to your advantage! We all have the ability to use an optimistic mind-set and with practice, desire, and perseverance, it gets easier and becomes more routine! Ta-da! An optimism-filled life is just around the corner!


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