At Least I Burned a lot of Calories…

The Atlanta airport is enormous, but for someone with some common sense, it shouldn’t be that hard to navigate. Unfortunately, my twin sister, Jessie, and I are apparently lacking in the common sense department.

For those of you that have visited the Atlanta airport, you probably know that it’s one of the largest airports in the world with many concourses. There are trams that help move people around the massive airport so that everyone can get around in a timely manner. Jessie and I, even though we’ve been to this airport before (it’s embarrassing to admit), were unaware of this system and followed the signs that pointed toward baggage claim… ON FOOT.  We were huffing and puffing, walking for what seems like eternity when Jessie says, “We must be doing something wrong. It shouldn’t take this long to get to baggage claim.”

“Well all of the signs are pointing this way so we better keep following them,” I said.

Jessie and I keep on trucking when we were stopped by a young girl. She says she’s trying to get to baggage claim to find her Mom. While I’m flattered that this young girl seemed to think Jessie and I are older and so we must know what we’re doing, this made our situation much more embarrassing. Jessie and I were clearly lost and now we were supposed to help this young girl find her Mom? Oh man…

Jessie and I kept walking (it’s as fun as it sounds :p) when the friend we were visiting called. We had called her when our plane landed so she was expecting us to have been at baggage claim already… she was waiting for us. Mind you, we had been walking for about thirty minutes at this point, and our new friend was still in tow. Great.

Jessie is on the phone with our friend so I can only hear one side of the conversation…

“We’re following the signs that point to baggage claim. This airport is huge.”

I imagine that this is when our friend informs Jessie that we should have taken the tram.

“That would have been a nice thing to know before we walked the whole airport. Lovely. Well, we’re at baggage claim now.”

We got to the carousel that was carrying our luggage and I said, “Look, Jessie! Our bags are the first ones out on the carousel.” She politely reminds me that it’s taken us about thirty minutes to get to baggage claim and that ours are the only ones left on it, and, in fact, that’s why they came out so seemingly fast…

While I would have preferred NOT to have walked 700 miles (exaggeration) around the Atlanta airport, at least I burned some calories in doing so! Our friend was sure to remind us to take the tram when we were catching our flight home!


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