Sarah’s Key

As we all find ourselves trying to escape the scorching summer heat, I’ve found myself enrapt by a book, Sarah’s Key, by Tatiana De Rosnay. While most of my girlfriends have headed toward the romance novel section of the bookstore, I’m addicted to this fictional tale that recounts a very dark time in the history of the human race. The book intertwines the story of the fate of a young French Jewish girl as well as other French Jews at the start of the Holocaust, with the story of a young American journalist living and working in present day France.

The Holocaust is widely chronicled, but the treatment of the Jews by the French during this time is not. Thousands of Jewish families were rounded up by French policemen, held in the Velodrome d’Hiver (a huge arena), and transported to concentration camps. Most of these French Jews were exterminated along with   millions of other Jews that perished in concentration camps. This novel is a gut-wrenching account of the French treatment of the Jews, an event that is unknown by many and that shames France.

Sarah’s Key has all of the marks of an excellent book- it entertains, informs, and captures and deserves unwavering attention from its reader. This book packs a powerful punch and I certainly recommend that you put this book on your list of future reads.


4 thoughts on “Sarah’s Key

  1. I had never heard of this book until I seen a review for the film adaptation on Maltin at the Movies. Yet it is certainly something I would be interested in reading (especially moreso than romance novels). I tend to gravitate toward history and historical fiction when I enter a bookstore. It occurred to me that most of the WWII books I read are non-fiction! So this book is definitely on my list of titles I need to read in the future!

  2. I so want to read this! My dad has it on his Kindle and has been urging me to read it for a while, but I’ve been reading a million books at once so it might have to wait until I come home one weekend this fall. Dying to read it!

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