Hey, all! Sorry I’ve been missing in action- school, illness, and other personal stuff has consumed me lately. I am very much looking forward to getting back to blogging, though! Because I’ve been so overwhelmed, I haven’t had the time to write a formal entry to I’m just going to share some cool things!

First… I went “pumpkin patching” with my roommates and I have to show you what I picked out!

Yeah, that’s me on the right, falling over (and laughing hysterically)! That’s not the pumpkin I took home, but I DID carve this baby…

Second… I read these and loved them, so I’m passing them along!

Have you done anything fun in the fall spirit? What inspires you?


Summer Bucket List

In honor of the commencement of summer, I thought making a summer bucket list might be an exciting idea! I’m completely in favor of free and unstructured time, but there have been occasions when I’ve felt aimless or unproductive during the long summer months. I’m hoping this bucket list (and my job- yay!) helps combat that aimlessness I’ve previously felt.

My bucket list isn’t too comprehensive, yet; however, as the summer progresses I expect that it will evolve! I will be sure to keep you up-to-date with my progress!

My summer bucket list (not in any particular order):

  • Learn to play guitar.
  • Continue to work on and improve my new blog.
  • Become more adept in the kitchen.
  • Read at least ten books (The Help, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Little Bee, and The Hunger Games are on my list as of now!)
  • Get a great tan.
  • Lose 20 pounds.
  • Get to the gym five days a week.
  • Play mini golf (I know it’s random!).

I know some of the goals on my summer bucket list are slightly ambitious; however, I think these goals will keep me busy this summer and abate any possibility of aimlessness. I can’t wait to get started!

What’s on your summer bucket list?